Valley Orthopedic

This 25,000 sq.ft., steel-framed, medical office building features two floors of outpatient clinics over ground-level parking. The structure contains physician office space as well as specialty imaging and fluoroscopy. Stearns was recommended for the project by Aldrich & Associates to assist with design development of the steel framing system and architectural features. Stearns progressed with detailing early while proceeding with procurement and fabrication. Stearns' aggressive schedule and erection management aided in the successful completion of this uniquely designed, steel-framed structure on time and within budget.

Project Details

Client: Covington Medical Building

Location: Covington, Washington

Contractor: Aldrich & Associates

Architect: Taylor Gregory Butterfield Architects

Engineer-of-Record: Pacific Engineering Design

Size: 25,000 square feet

Number of Levels: 3

System Type: Structural Steel

Completion Date: 2006