At Stearns, we have an overarching commitment to safety.  We believe that safety begins in design and make sure that it is carried out in every aspect of a project through to the end.  Our safety policies and procedures protect the wellbeing of our workers, while creating a more productive and cost-efficient project.   

  • All upper management, project managers, and field supervision are OSHA 30 certified. 

  • We design project-specific safety plans for every job because we believe that pre-task planning is critical to a successful project.   

  • Employee orientations on site-specific safety protocols.

  • We require 100% fall protection on all our projects.

  • We install cable rails at the perimeter and openings of all of our structures.

  • Safety equipment is installed on the ground before erection.

  • We use pre-fabricated subassemblies that can be lifted as one piece whenever possible - this is both safer and more efficient. 

  • Drug and alcohol testing for all employees.