A Unique Store for Happy Hawthorne Residents

In the fall of 2010, the Hawthorne district became home to New Seasons’ tenth location in the Portland area. The Southeast Portland neighborhood welcomed the local grocery branch with open arms, in part thanks to the many measures the design and construction team took to integrate the store into the unique atmosphere of the surrounding community. The design team minimized industrial features to integrate the store into the aesthetic of the district, provided 50 bike-parking spaces around the perimeter for the many Portlanders who opt for two wheels instead of four, and added a walk-up window for passersby to grab a quick coffee.


Small but Mighty 

The 18,000 square foot steel-framed store (which is dwarfed by other much larger New Seasons locations, typically ranging from 25,000 to 30,000 square feet) still packs a punch thanks to some inventive space-saving strategies.  Rooftop parking for 37 vehicles allowed construction to grow vertically rather than horizontally and reduced on-street parking needs in the busy urban locality. 


Stearns’ Solution: From Precast Double-Tees to SmartBeams®

Stearns was brought on board to provide design assistance and structural steel system selection, architectural features for the stair towers and canopies, fabrication and erection drawings, and to manage the fast-track steel construction schedule, bringing this project to successful completion on time and within budget.  At Stearns’ suggestion, precast double-tees were converted to long span castellated steel SmartBeams®, which provide greater strength with less weight, accentuate natural light, and complement the mechanical system and drain paths by allowing duct lines to pass through pre-aligned holes in the beam webs.