Jackson County Parking Garage


This 8-story, 174,000 sq. ft. steel-framed parking garage utilizes both cellular beams and buckling restrained braces. Stearns’ decision to transport the CBs to the fabricator’s yard via rail was not only an environmentally sustainable decision, but an economical one as well. Additionally, by choosing a local fabricator, Stearns reduced the transportation distance while supporting the local economy.

Thanks to well-coordinated logistics and cost-saving measures such as these, Stearns completed the project ahead of schedule and on budget, leading to the decision to expand the project from 6-stories to 8 and once again include Stearns as part of the project team.


Project Details

Location: Medford, Oregon

Client: Jackson County

Contractor: JE Dunn Construction

Architect: ORW Architecture, AIA

Engineer of Record: KPFF Consulting Engineers

Size: 174,000 sq. ft.

Number of Levels: 8