Integrated Devices Technology

When Integrated Devices Technology decided to build their fabrication facility and office in Hillsboro, they had 12 months to make it operational. Stearns was hired in late August to produce a structural design that could be procured, detailed and fabricated to facilitate steel erection starting in mid October, just seven weeks later! Stearns, over the course of two days, developed a framing scheme using components that met both the design and schedule requirements. The Engineer-of-Record, VLMK Engineers, agreed with Stearns’ system, comprised of open-web, wide flange and structural truss components, and advised IDT to contract with Stearns to provide and install the proposed steel systems. The complex structures were delivered by Stearns on-budget, while achieving the very aggressive schedule required.



Project Details

Client: Integrated Devices Technology

Location: Hillsboro, Oregon

Contractor: Integrated Devices Technology

Architect: Various

Engineer-of-Record: VLMK Engineers

Number of Levels: 2

System Type: Structural Steel

Completion Date: 1998