Eastlake Office Building

An original concrete design threatened the budget, schedule, and completion of this 3-level, 50,000 square-foot office building with ground-floor retail. Stearns was approached to provide steel framing alternatives and address the low building height requirements to help bring the project back into budget and move forward to completion. Converting the project to a SmartBeam steel strategy, Stearns designed the double mid-span opening within the beams, which were used as a pass-through for the mechanical loop ducting system, thereby achieving the low floor-to-floor height specifications. Stearns’ structural steel option resulted in an economical system that brought the project to completion on time and within budget.


Project Details

Client: Hughes Northwest, Inc.

Location: Seattle, Washington

Contractor: DPR Construction

Architect: Callison Architects

Engineer-of-Record: Skilling-Ward-Magnusson-Barkshire

Size: 50,000 square feet

Number of Levels: 3

System Type: SmartBeam, Structural Steel

Completion Date: 1999