Construction Management

Stearns prides itself on being the leader of time-proven processes, design, engineering, fabrication, accelerated schedules, and general construction for successful project completion.



Our integrated model adapts to the needs of our clients by seamlessly providing specialized disciplines within one company for effective, cost-saving project delivery methods.

We are experienced in all facets of steel construction, including structural, open-web joist, metal deck, cellular and castellated beams, light gauge, hybrid systems, pre-engineered components, specialty systems, and connections. 

Stearns' proposals design a complete scope of work and a firm price from conceptual criteria.  We are accountable for costs when making decisions in the design process. 

Our fabrication and construction experience ensures wise decisions in connection design, framing optimization, and system selections.

Construction input is provided to address and resolve potential problems in the planning stage, rather than reacting in the much costlier installation stage. 

With Stearns' design and construction integration, the project team benefits from a reduced number of modifications, addenda, and RFI's. 



A critical aspect of our success is our strong and long-standing vendor relationships globally.  Our expert procurement specialists work in close collaboration with our project managers and operations across the world to research the appropriate materials early, specific to your project.  This in turn allows our specialists to aggressively negotiate pricing with suppliers to ensure our clients receive all components quickly and economically.

Our extensive purchasing services of all Division 5 items include:

  • Structural Framing

  • Joists and Girders

  • Metal Deck

  • Miscellaneous Steel

  • Interfacing all items of Division 5 to assure proper compliance and completeness.

  • Coordinating all phases of steel procurement through completion of erection to comply with the project schedule.


In-House Detailing

RF Stearns' in-house detailers sit just feet away from our project managers and engineers, so there is constant communication. This saves time and eliminates errors and miscommunication.

Furthermore, our detailers work closely with our engineers to expedite material orders with partial design information and earn us a spot at the head of the line for production. We bypass the usual bottleneck of factory detailing departments by handing the production department our cut list. 

All of our detailing is done in 3 dimension models utilizing Tekla software. 



Stearns' shop drawing development and material procurement begin during design, advancing the start of fabrication. 

With customer input, Stearns' project team establishes and coordinates the construction sequence and directs material flow through the fabrication process. 

Stearns' freedom from geographic limitations or overhead costs of using a specific fabrication facility means that qualified fabrication resources are selected based on project requirements, production, availability, and shop expertise. 



With Stearns, the structural frame, stair systems, floor and roof decks, and other project-specific components are sequenced and delivered to meet or exceed aggressive construction schedules. 

We have established relationships with qualified erectors based on their safety record, capabilities, personnel, equipment, and performance history.

Our project manager's role during construction ensures that schedule, safety, and quality benchmarks are achieved.  Construction issues are addressed and resolved quickly and efficiently by Stearns' project team. 

Additionally, we are now self-performing the steel erection on many of our jobs.  For more information, click here