Angel of the Winds Casino

A 22,200 square foot casino for the Stillaguamish Tribe in Arlington, Washington.

Stearns’ unique design-build system and participation starting with the early planning stages of the project enabled them to develop a cost-effective structural design, procure and construct the steel structure, and ensure that the fast-track project was completed on time and on budget.  Stearns’ strong supplier relationships allowed them to lock-in material costs during a period of significant steel price increases, thereby further reducing the tribe’s budgetary risk.

Acknowledging Stearns’ contributions, Mark Peterson, Project Manager for General Contractor J.E. Dunn stated,

“Stearns was chosen for past performances, quality work, product, and their personnel. They were very helpful in the design process to make structural revisions to meet our construction/program requirements. Stearns being a single source for design, fabrication, and erection simplified my job of administration and coordination.”

An 84,000 sq. ft. addition to the existing casino, completed in 2007, was the realization of an extended goal for the Stillaguamish Tribe. For generations, the Stillaguamish have struggled for economic self-sufficiency while still preserving community values. The expansion will help the entire community by generating hundreds of new jobs and introducing tens of millions of dollars into the local economy. Additionally, the Stillaguamish Tribe will increase the amount of charitable contributions to local nonprofits and governmental agencies. Tripling the casino’s current size, the expansion includes a private poker room with eight tables, a dedicated Keno area, gift shop, restaurant, bar, and entertainment stage. Designed by ICI Design Group, the interior features a rustic lodge feeling. The warm environment is intended to make guests feel welcome and comfortable, further promoting its commitment to being the “World’s Friendliest Casino.”

At the recommendation of JE Dunn Construction Company, Stearns partnered with Clark Engineering Corp to assist with design development, detail fabrication and construction drawings, and to provide and install all structural steel components. Because of the sloping site and partial basement, crane access to the building plan was limited. Deliveries of the various components had to be perfectly coordinated to minimize excess material movement on-site and to keep to an aggressive schedule. With just 12 weeks from award date to finish, Stearns’ construction team erected the primary steel frame in just 3 weeks.

Acknowledging Stearns contributions to the project, Mark Peterson, Project Manager for General Contractor JE Dunn, stated:

“Without Stearns' early participation and commitment to our aggressive schedule, we never would have met our milestone dates. We appreciate that Stearns comes in and gets their work done without a lot of effort on our part, and when problems arise, they are proactive in finding solutions that work for everyone.”

An interesting feature to the structure is the use of a special cellular deck. The cellular deck had enclosed flutes that were used as conduits for various electrical systems required by the casino. To ensure proper access for planned and future needs, the cellular deck had to be closely coordinated with the gaming floor equipment and control room layouts. The deck also served as the necessary structural element for the main building.


Project Details

Client: Stillaguamish Indian Tribe

Location: Arlington, Washington

Contractor: JE Dunn Construction Co.

Architect: ICI Design Group

Engineer-of-Record: DCI Engineers & Clark Engineering

Size: 106,000 square feet

Number of Levels: 2

System Type: Structural Steel

Completion Date: 2004 & 2007