About Us

Since 1981, R.F. Stearns has been a pioneer in the Design-Build project delivery method for the structural steel industry, while developing and continually improving best practices for steel construction project planning and execution. We have delivered 100% of our Design-Build projects on time and on budget thanks to the combination of our people, our process, and our product. 

Our People:

Stearns’ professional team of engineers, designers, detailers, and project managers provides comprehensive accountability for every facet of steel construction. We complement our skilled personnel with a vast network of first-rate construction resources of all sizes and capabilities around the world.


Our Process:

Our project planning and efficient methodology is based on conceptual design & estimating, fabrication, and construction, enabling us to develop and execute the optimum system for any project. We’ve built our company reputation on our commitment to speed and performance. We provide a single point of accountability during all phases of the construction process for aesthetic and functional quality, cost management, and critical-path scheduling.


Our Product:

We provide a wide array of steel solutions including engineered, pre-engineered, and proprietary products. Our extensive portfolio of system selection sets us apart within the industry and provides the competitive advantage to deliver solutions in a broad variety of construction markets and project environments efficiently and economically.

Headquartered in Lake Oswego, Oregon, Stearns has branches in Washington and Hawaii. Stearns has built a solid primary region that spans across Oregon, Washington, Hawaii, Texas, Alaska, California, and many other states. Stearns' strong industry presence has allowed us to successfully complete several hundred high-visibility projects.  

We have built our reputation around innovation, creative solutions, and outstanding performance. Our customers have an experienced partner they can count on, systems they can rely on, and the highest standards of quality, commitment, and excellence for integrated project delivery.